Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location...

This mix is dedicated to Col and Matt.

To Matt, 
a rare prototype and good friend, for much insight, a fresh perspective and for lending me his gear everytime I need to record a mix.

He DJs the future.
The man's got fantastic taste and smooth moves.
He's everything you love about an old school sci-fi epic, like those soothing bleeps at the helm of a spacecraft in hypersleep, but updated with new Trekkie sheen, armed with weapons of mass destruction, just in case...
He who boldly goes beyond the stars of the M_nus and Sci+Tec quadrants.
Rabbit Eyed. Check him out.

And to Colleen: Love of my universe. Equally smooth moves, but of the dance-you-wear-so-swell variety. For always being in the crowd to please. My #1 inspiration.
Oh and for not leaving me for Matias Aguayo... Yet.

I adore you.

So ja, recorded live this morning round 3am as a Promo mix for the one and only Kwazulu Natal New Year's festival, AMAFULLTHROTTLE (from the folks who brought as Flux).

Event on Facebook.

Data Takashi - Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Promo Mix #3) (MediaFire)


01. Run Stop Restore and Click Box - Helen in the Keller
02. Morten Sorenson - Woo Hoo
03. Rebotini - 777 (Revised by Discodeine)
04. Joe Goddard - Go Bananas
05. Tiefschwarz - Keep On
06. Paul Ritch - Jackson Flavour
07. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh)
08. Gucci Vump - Sha Shtil (Lvis 1990 Remix)
09. Danton Eeprom - My Life In Parallel
10. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips Remix)
11. It's A Fine Line - Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Allez-Allez Remix)
12. We Have Band - You Came Out (Stereogamous Bathhouse Version)
13. Sunsplash - A Brave New Me
14. The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
15. Coati Mundi - No More Blues

Thursday, December 10, 2009

CASIOHEART - Rudolf Dassler Dreamwave Set

Jozi's Casioheart has always had some of the best taste around.

This is one of the finest dreamy disco/synthrock/new wave mixes we've heard of late and a definite must for fans of Aeroplane (and Grum of course).

CASIOHEART - Rudolf Dassler Dreamwave Set (zShare)

01 Keenhouse - Civic Transit (Anoraak LAX Remix)
02 Hannulelauri - Glittering Night
03 Stephen Falken - Cruising
04 Baxter - Proof (Lifelike Remix)
05 Bestrack - With You
06 Classixx (featuring Jeppe) - I'll Get You
07 Freeland - Borderline (Grum Remix)
08 Den Haan - Heist
09 Futurecop! - Starworshipper
10 Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Grum's New Wave Remix)
11 LexiconDon - Heart Attack (Diamond Cut Remix)
12 Xinobi - Day Off (Anoraak Remix)
13 College - She Never Came Back

Friday, December 04, 2009

Its an Excuse to Seduce

I really just wish he would have sex with me.

Released on Kompakt, but drawing more attention to Aguayo's own Cómeme label, Ay Ay Ay marks not only the difinitive emergence of a sound, but more so the emergence of an universal empathy that undermines the obvious.

Mmmm. So. Having finished your first year of big school is an epic event. (I just finished my first year of big school.) Having finished studying art in an institution for a year is an epic event. There's a fundamental clash and all kinds of messy frissures, when art is revolution and the revolution won't be a revolution if it is televised. The system is a consequence... wait, not the matrix - all systems are consequential. Events, discernable patterns, the point, the aim, the goal: the process. The System. We function in systems. Clubs are systems. He killed the system. I really just wish he would have sex with me...

For anything to really grow it first needs to die. Like a mauled cat... someone needed to shoot it in the face. No one shot anything.

Matias Aguayo has birthed a tan, writhing heartbeat with a thousand eyes and so many sinuous muscles curling back around themselves in serene self-stimulation. First of all, its still techno. Second of all, forget about techno, it has no place here. After more than ten years of making, DJing and dancing to dance music, Aguayo's understanding of the forms, codes and syntax of techno have become so profound as to become subjective... where subjectivety is necessarily universal. With its rolling rhythms, that distinctive vocal layering and loose hipped mania, Ay Ay Ay suggests a techno that has transcended. Moving beyond the bassline, moving beyond synthesised melodies and moving beyond the deepseated, essentialy humane, desire for a Dance Floor Banger, Aguayo's brand of dance music has slipped below the system so as to cradle its glutinous mass tenderly.

At the same time, it means nothing go get your short skirt.

Us people of the South are a complex people... Joburg Oh Nine (2010 minus fruition) knows. Colonial, post-colonial, neo-colonial, hip hop, ghetto tech, Oprah, world music from France and Saartjie Bartman. Today including black gold, blood diamonds, AIDS and Somalian pirates... Pirates. The South was big, and the North thought it was small, and there we go with the diaspora. Which means, when Matias takes his bumbumbox to the public space of the disenfranchised reenfranchised masses, there is some meaning (revolution) in how the system appropriates and is appropriated. Let the writhing queues of the Joburg CBD's fried chicken outlets spew onto an open square in tank tops with stereos cracking the infamous four/four high into dusty dagga-y air.

Matias Aguayo is eating commodification the way he ate minimal. His dark hands are taught and his strong thighs are blurred with motivated action and he is eating it all in one clean pink swallow. I really, really wish he would just have sex with me.

"Rollerskate" feels on the ears how rollerskating feels on the calves. "Desde Rusia" feels on the ears how Matias feels between the legs. No. "Desde Rusia" reeks of TV on the Radio - and, then, Matthew Dear, who is the other sexiest man in the universe. Loose drums slither aimless on the ground like ruined grass matts and bull's tail whips, each fine strand of collision slicing directly through and toward nothing. Moaned over bass gooses hidden nipples; the paranoia is exqusite. We know the rule by now - if you are afraid, and that fear works to wet you, it is techno music. The rising sighs are evangelical, then, and the puritanical religions that govern guilt as they govern trade are ecstatic. Everything here is fervour; clammy hands that accumulate dirt and dirt that streaks pale dark faces. This is what i mean about shooting the cat. Someone definitely had to die. Like Jesus. So that we could eat too.

We eat: non-GM mangoes and melons. Flesh that is as firm as it is yielding. The album's title track, "Ay Ay Ay", is targetted directly at virgins. The steadily, minutely building bass doowop sets right angles to the skew walls of breath and breathy whistling that ebb and bubble and drown underneath. The bassline plunges to the centre, where we are as warmly complicit as we are naive. Surely, everything moist and young and pure is stretching pliantly toward ripeness. Mangoes and melons are being penetrated - are being devoured. Sticky orange green juice diverts around the angle of collar bones, diluting and reanimating the sunscreen and sweat dried there. Waking up in Ay Ay Ay is the same as going to sleep, and neither are certain and neither are complete.

Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay (MediaFire)

Matias Aguayo - Desde Rusia (MediaFire)

Matias Aguayo - XLR8R mix (right click, save as)


01. Grupo Valledopar "Hechizería" (Discos de Colección Monterrey)
02. Matías Aguayo "Riddimx 100" (Cómeme)
03. Ku Nice "Cabo Verde"
04. 2 DJs and a Keyboard Player "Sekele" (Static Plastic)
05. DJ Rodrigo "Pista Dembow 1" (Discos Discos)
06. Matías Aguayo "Sheika Tambori" (Cómeme)
07. Los Sobby Boxers "El Llanto de la Tortuga) (Latin)
08. Matías Aguayo "Ritmo Tres" (Kompakt)
09. Chantal "Chanta Uno" (Cómeme)
10. Secession "Touch" (Intercord)
11. Mr. Fingers "On My Way" (MCA)
12. Matías Aguayo "Desde Rusia" (Kompakt)
13. Omega y su Mambo Violento "Pa Perrear" (Allegro)
14. DJ Terrivel "O Bum Bum" / Matías Aguayo "Bombacha Veloz" (Cómeme)
15. Diegors "Dembow ABC" (Cómeme)
16. Primo de Andres "La Megatonica" (Mi Amigo de la Lagunilla)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

King Midas Sound mix for FACT magazine

fact magazine are constantly hosting some of the best mixes out there. the matias aguayo one was among them, but this is seriously one of the nicest mixes i have heard of late!

and a sooper lovely (mostly) dub mix at that! perfect for lounging around, whether it be at the poolside or on the coast looking out at the beach... or somewhere in some sunshiney goodness, there are plenty of wicked vibrations to ebb with...

towards the end it gets a bit more moody, so you can try timing it perfectly from sunset to nightfall, it should work out nicely!

roll a joint, park off and kick back to this mix and enjoy!

"This morning's FACT mix takes the form of a very special session from King Midas Sound, the trio of Kevin 'The Bug' Martin, Roger Robinson and Hitomi.

All live edited, with special effects and additional vocals and commentary from the London trio, KMS's FACT mix reads like a list of influences on their twilight Lovers Rock sound, featuring sweet reggae in Tanya Stephens and Gregory Isaacs, dusty shoegaze in My Bloody Valentine and A.R. Kane and modern favourites Burial and Little Dragon, plus tracks from Sade, Larry Heard and Scritti Politti, and material from King Midas' forthcoming debut album, Waiting For You on Hyperdub.

We're blown away by it, and pretty much play it every other morning in our office. Not only is it a great listen, it provides a genuine insight into the conception of Waiting For You - one of the year's most intriguing albums - which is due to drop towards the end of this month.

You can read FACT's King Midas Sound interview here."

FACT Mix 103 - King Midas Sound (right click save as)

(Available for one more week! don't miss out!)


King Midas Sound - Sometimes (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Lovejoys - All I Can Say (Reggae Vibes/Wackies)
15/16/17 - The Weather (Magic Touch/DEB)
Burial - Night Bus (Burial/Hyperdub)
Little Dragon - Twice (Little Dragon/Peacefrog)
The Dynamics - 90% of me is you (Version Excursions/Points South)
Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Gangsta Blues/VP)
Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So (Who Say Jah No Dread/Greensleeves)
Gregory Isaacs - I'm Alright (Cool Down/VP)
Wayne Jarrett - Live&Love (Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris & Wayne Jarrett/Wackies)
Sade - Lovers Rock (Lovers Rock/Epic)
Rhythm & Sound ft Lovejoy - Best Friend (With the Artists/Burial Mix)
Larry Heard - Missing dub (Theo Parrish remix) (Missing You/Track Mode)
Vincent Gallo - Lonely (When/Warp)
A.R.Kane - Madonna is with child (69/Rough Trade)
Scritti Politti - Sweetest Girl (/Rough Trade)
Lloyd Chambers - Dry Your Tears (Firehouse Revolution/Pressure Sounds)
King Midas Sound - i Dub (Dub Heavy/Hyperdub)
Scientist ft Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes (Wins The World Cup/Greensleeves)
King Midas Sound - Outtaspace (Slow Motion mix) (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Japan - Ghosts (Tin Drum/Virgin)
Kevin Shields - Ikebana (Lost In Translation s/t/Emperor norton)
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix) (Cool Out/Hyperdub)
Oval - Do While (94diskont/Mille Plateaux)
Thomas Koner - Kanon (Isolationism/Virgin)
My Bloody Valentine - Touched (Loveless/creation)