Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location...

This mix is dedicated to Col and Matt.

To Matt, 
a rare prototype and good friend, for much insight, a fresh perspective and for lending me his gear everytime I need to record a mix.

He DJs the future.
The man's got fantastic taste and smooth moves.
He's everything you love about an old school sci-fi epic, like those soothing bleeps at the helm of a spacecraft in hypersleep, but updated with new Trekkie sheen, armed with weapons of mass destruction, just in case...
He who boldly goes beyond the stars of the M_nus and Sci+Tec quadrants.
Rabbit Eyed. Check him out.

And to Colleen: Love of my universe. Equally smooth moves, but of the dance-you-wear-so-swell variety. For always being in the crowd to please. My #1 inspiration.
Oh and for not leaving me for Matias Aguayo... Yet.

I adore you.

So ja, recorded live this morning round 3am as a Promo mix for the one and only Kwazulu Natal New Year's festival, AMAFULLTHROTTLE (from the folks who brought as Flux).

Event on Facebook.

Data Takashi - Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Promo Mix #3) (MediaFire)


01. Run Stop Restore and Click Box - Helen in the Keller
02. Morten Sorenson - Woo Hoo
03. Rebotini - 777 (Revised by Discodeine)
04. Joe Goddard - Go Bananas
05. Tiefschwarz - Keep On
06. Paul Ritch - Jackson Flavour
07. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh)
08. Gucci Vump - Sha Shtil (Lvis 1990 Remix)
09. Danton Eeprom - My Life In Parallel
10. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips Remix)
11. It's A Fine Line - Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Allez-Allez Remix)
12. We Have Band - You Came Out (Stereogamous Bathhouse Version)
13. Sunsplash - A Brave New Me
14. The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
15. Coati Mundi - No More Blues

Thursday, December 10, 2009

CASIOHEART - Rudolf Dassler Dreamwave Set

Jozi's Casioheart has always had some of the best taste around.

This is one of the finest dreamy disco/synthrock/new wave mixes we've heard of late and a definite must for fans of Aeroplane (and Grum of course).

CASIOHEART - Rudolf Dassler Dreamwave Set (zShare)

01 Keenhouse - Civic Transit (Anoraak LAX Remix)
02 Hannulelauri - Glittering Night
03 Stephen Falken - Cruising
04 Baxter - Proof (Lifelike Remix)
05 Bestrack - With You
06 Classixx (featuring Jeppe) - I'll Get You
07 Freeland - Borderline (Grum Remix)
08 Den Haan - Heist
09 Futurecop! - Starworshipper
10 Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Grum's New Wave Remix)
11 LexiconDon - Heart Attack (Diamond Cut Remix)
12 Xinobi - Day Off (Anoraak Remix)
13 College - She Never Came Back

Friday, December 04, 2009

Its an Excuse to Seduce

I really just wish he would have sex with me.

Released on Kompakt, but drawing more attention to Aguayo's own Cómeme label, Ay Ay Ay marks not only the difinitive emergence of a sound, but more so the emergence of an universal empathy that undermines the obvious.

Mmmm. So. Having finished your first year of big school is an epic event. (I just finished my first year of big school.) Having finished studying art in an institution for a year is an epic event. There's a fundamental clash and all kinds of messy frissures, when art is revolution and the revolution won't be a revolution if it is televised. The system is a consequence... wait, not the matrix - all systems are consequential. Events, discernable patterns, the point, the aim, the goal: the process. The System. We function in systems. Clubs are systems. He killed the system. I really just wish he would have sex with me...

For anything to really grow it first needs to die. Like a mauled cat... someone needed to shoot it in the face. No one shot anything.

Matias Aguayo has birthed a tan, writhing heartbeat with a thousand eyes and so many sinuous muscles curling back around themselves in serene self-stimulation. First of all, its still techno. Second of all, forget about techno, it has no place here. After more than ten years of making, DJing and dancing to dance music, Aguayo's understanding of the forms, codes and syntax of techno have become so profound as to become subjective... where subjectivety is necessarily universal. With its rolling rhythms, that distinctive vocal layering and loose hipped mania, Ay Ay Ay suggests a techno that has transcended. Moving beyond the bassline, moving beyond synthesised melodies and moving beyond the deepseated, essentialy humane, desire for a Dance Floor Banger, Aguayo's brand of dance music has slipped below the system so as to cradle its glutinous mass tenderly.

At the same time, it means nothing go get your short skirt.

Us people of the South are a complex people... Joburg Oh Nine (2010 minus fruition) knows. Colonial, post-colonial, neo-colonial, hip hop, ghetto tech, Oprah, world music from France and Saartjie Bartman. Today including black gold, blood diamonds, AIDS and Somalian pirates... Pirates. The South was big, and the North thought it was small, and there we go with the diaspora. Which means, when Matias takes his bumbumbox to the public space of the disenfranchised reenfranchised masses, there is some meaning (revolution) in how the system appropriates and is appropriated. Let the writhing queues of the Joburg CBD's fried chicken outlets spew onto an open square in tank tops with stereos cracking the infamous four/four high into dusty dagga-y air.

Matias Aguayo is eating commodification the way he ate minimal. His dark hands are taught and his strong thighs are blurred with motivated action and he is eating it all in one clean pink swallow. I really, really wish he would just have sex with me.

"Rollerskate" feels on the ears how rollerskating feels on the calves. "Desde Rusia" feels on the ears how Matias feels between the legs. No. "Desde Rusia" reeks of TV on the Radio - and, then, Matthew Dear, who is the other sexiest man in the universe. Loose drums slither aimless on the ground like ruined grass matts and bull's tail whips, each fine strand of collision slicing directly through and toward nothing. Moaned over bass gooses hidden nipples; the paranoia is exqusite. We know the rule by now - if you are afraid, and that fear works to wet you, it is techno music. The rising sighs are evangelical, then, and the puritanical religions that govern guilt as they govern trade are ecstatic. Everything here is fervour; clammy hands that accumulate dirt and dirt that streaks pale dark faces. This is what i mean about shooting the cat. Someone definitely had to die. Like Jesus. So that we could eat too.

We eat: non-GM mangoes and melons. Flesh that is as firm as it is yielding. The album's title track, "Ay Ay Ay", is targetted directly at virgins. The steadily, minutely building bass doowop sets right angles to the skew walls of breath and breathy whistling that ebb and bubble and drown underneath. The bassline plunges to the centre, where we are as warmly complicit as we are naive. Surely, everything moist and young and pure is stretching pliantly toward ripeness. Mangoes and melons are being penetrated - are being devoured. Sticky orange green juice diverts around the angle of collar bones, diluting and reanimating the sunscreen and sweat dried there. Waking up in Ay Ay Ay is the same as going to sleep, and neither are certain and neither are complete.

Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay (MediaFire)

Matias Aguayo - Desde Rusia (MediaFire)

Matias Aguayo - XLR8R mix (right click, save as)


01. Grupo Valledopar "Hechizería" (Discos de Colección Monterrey)
02. Matías Aguayo "Riddimx 100" (Cómeme)
03. Ku Nice "Cabo Verde"
04. 2 DJs and a Keyboard Player "Sekele" (Static Plastic)
05. DJ Rodrigo "Pista Dembow 1" (Discos Discos)
06. Matías Aguayo "Sheika Tambori" (Cómeme)
07. Los Sobby Boxers "El Llanto de la Tortuga) (Latin)
08. Matías Aguayo "Ritmo Tres" (Kompakt)
09. Chantal "Chanta Uno" (Cómeme)
10. Secession "Touch" (Intercord)
11. Mr. Fingers "On My Way" (MCA)
12. Matías Aguayo "Desde Rusia" (Kompakt)
13. Omega y su Mambo Violento "Pa Perrear" (Allegro)
14. DJ Terrivel "O Bum Bum" / Matías Aguayo "Bombacha Veloz" (Cómeme)
15. Diegors "Dembow ABC" (Cómeme)
16. Primo de Andres "La Megatonica" (Mi Amigo de la Lagunilla)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

King Midas Sound mix for FACT magazine

fact magazine are constantly hosting some of the best mixes out there. the matias aguayo one was among them, but this is seriously one of the nicest mixes i have heard of late!

and a sooper lovely (mostly) dub mix at that! perfect for lounging around, whether it be at the poolside or on the coast looking out at the beach... or somewhere in some sunshiney goodness, there are plenty of wicked vibrations to ebb with...

towards the end it gets a bit more moody, so you can try timing it perfectly from sunset to nightfall, it should work out nicely!

roll a joint, park off and kick back to this mix and enjoy!

"This morning's FACT mix takes the form of a very special session from King Midas Sound, the trio of Kevin 'The Bug' Martin, Roger Robinson and Hitomi.

All live edited, with special effects and additional vocals and commentary from the London trio, KMS's FACT mix reads like a list of influences on their twilight Lovers Rock sound, featuring sweet reggae in Tanya Stephens and Gregory Isaacs, dusty shoegaze in My Bloody Valentine and A.R. Kane and modern favourites Burial and Little Dragon, plus tracks from Sade, Larry Heard and Scritti Politti, and material from King Midas' forthcoming debut album, Waiting For You on Hyperdub.

We're blown away by it, and pretty much play it every other morning in our office. Not only is it a great listen, it provides a genuine insight into the conception of Waiting For You - one of the year's most intriguing albums - which is due to drop towards the end of this month.

You can read FACT's King Midas Sound interview here."

FACT Mix 103 - King Midas Sound (right click save as)

(Available for one more week! don't miss out!)


King Midas Sound - Sometimes (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Lovejoys - All I Can Say (Reggae Vibes/Wackies)
15/16/17 - The Weather (Magic Touch/DEB)
Burial - Night Bus (Burial/Hyperdub)
Little Dragon - Twice (Little Dragon/Peacefrog)
The Dynamics - 90% of me is you (Version Excursions/Points South)
Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Gangsta Blues/VP)
Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So (Who Say Jah No Dread/Greensleeves)
Gregory Isaacs - I'm Alright (Cool Down/VP)
Wayne Jarrett - Live&Love (Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris & Wayne Jarrett/Wackies)
Sade - Lovers Rock (Lovers Rock/Epic)
Rhythm & Sound ft Lovejoy - Best Friend (With the Artists/Burial Mix)
Larry Heard - Missing dub (Theo Parrish remix) (Missing You/Track Mode)
Vincent Gallo - Lonely (When/Warp)
A.R.Kane - Madonna is with child (69/Rough Trade)
Scritti Politti - Sweetest Girl (/Rough Trade)
Lloyd Chambers - Dry Your Tears (Firehouse Revolution/Pressure Sounds)
King Midas Sound - i Dub (Dub Heavy/Hyperdub)
Scientist ft Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes (Wins The World Cup/Greensleeves)
King Midas Sound - Outtaspace (Slow Motion mix) (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Japan - Ghosts (Tin Drum/Virgin)
Kevin Shields - Ikebana (Lost In Translation s/t/Emperor norton)
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix) (Cool Out/Hyperdub)
Oval - Do While (94diskont/Mille Plateaux)
Thomas Koner - Kanon (Isolationism/Virgin)
My Bloody Valentine - Touched (Loveless/creation)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Poskarr and xxxchange

I know I said I was going to do a regular Red Bull Studio column here, but I’m now doing a regular column on the studios on Electrotrash as well, so I needed to wait for something a little different.

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Popskarr is the latest Cape Town Nu-Disco endevour headed by South Africa’s blogosphere king, DJ Lapse and all-round musical dark-horse iamwave. The results heard so far are dark, anthemic disco / electro best exemplified by their debut release “Tonight”. A lot of the material they’re putting out at the moment was recorded here at the studio. In fact by month end we should have a juicy collaboration with the king of the music scene at the moment, or rather should I say disco dictator (which is a hint as to who I speak of).

The track I want to draw your attention to on this post is my own Biscope remix of Tonight. It’s dark, brooding Dubstep with angry bass. Not sure if it’s a dancefloor number per se, but it’s got feel.

Popskarr - Tonight (Biscope Remix) by biscope

The second part of this post has little relation to the first but I’ve been intending to write about this for a while. You see the thing I, this year I really lost interest in the indie-dance / nu-disco (as defined on Beatport) scene at the mo. Which sucks because it’s still very much alive and kicking, and I’m still getting booked to play dancey sets and not clear the floor with weird Dubstep.

So I thought I would post a Red Bull Music Academy Radio mix from xxxchange (of Spank Rock fame) who reinvigorated by love of the fours to the floors at Sonar some months back. This mix is in fact a live recording of that exact Sonar mix. I’ve pretty much based all my sets prior to this one of this set because it was that good when I heard it. And I wasn’t even on MDMA (just lots of booze).

What I think is so good about this set is it is an effortless mix of different styles and flavours. It’s all in here: jacking beats, house, hip-hop, hard-as-nails electro, synth pop, etc. It also contains a fresh and fierce energy that will make your hair stand on end. Check it out:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is what it sounds like when...

...I am listening to all kinds of music all over the place. Bit of an incoherent post, but all of this stuff is really cool. Been really digging and playing this stuff a lot of late.

Pink Skull, a more obscure, experimental and krautrock inspired MGMT (to put them in some kind of perspective), return with a new album, Endless Bummer, a record full of haunting drug induced disco delights and a cacophony of treated analogue sounds and effects.

The psychedelic post-punk-funk of "Chicken Dream Inside Egg" is definitely a standout track. And I for one, tend to dislike most placings of a saxophone in any song, but it works here...

Pink Skull - Chicken Dream Inside Egg (MediaFire)

With influences varying from Psychic TV, The Orb and Plastikman to Can, Faust and other kosmische contemporaries, it's sure to induce the odd acid flashback.

The only thing though, is there is nothing on Endless Bummer resembling anything remotely close to the catchy dancefloor grooviness of "Cirkus Bezerkus" (from the Blobbaghanoush EP), released earlier this year.

Pink Skull - Cirkus Bezerkus (MediaFire)

But apparently it's all about their live show, with their live band performing on bass, drums and plenty of toys to trigger to full effect... Fair enough.

Lately, I've also been finding myself blurring the lines between (cosmic) disco and minimal more and more with tracks like this one by New Yorkers Neurotic Drum Band:

Neurotic Drum Band - Robotic Hypnotic Adventure (MediaFire)

and this remix by Diskjokke:

Ost. & Kjex - Boston Food Strangler (Diskjokke Remix) (MediaFire)

I rekindled this track from his collection of Discolated Remixes 2007-2008 that came out earlier this year and it's an oscillating beast of a bubbler. Lovely stuff!

Then there's this Bok Bok remix that caught me a bit off guard.

(Little) Jinder - Youth Blood (Bok Bok remix)

Expecting something more along the lines of his familiar tropic/afro-house vibe much adored in a DJ Danger Ingozi set, it's something quite special. The drums and bassline sounds like it belongs in a dubstep track, but it's the synth and filtered vocal sample from the original by Swedish darling (Little) Jinder that just ties the whole production together beautifully. It makes for more of a dreamy Fred Falke/Grum tinged track, if they chose to produce something a bit more stepping-like.

Girls, be sure to check out the original too:

(Little) Jinder - Youth Blood (MediaFire)

It's your new favourite electro pop crush.

Prins Thomas borrows Lindstrøm's banjo for a blissed out stroll in the footsteps of The Boy Least Likely To, being gentle to the original in his production and turning it into a lovely twee disco epic.

El Guincho - Antillas (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (MediaFire)

It's part of a much anticipated El Guincho remix project spanning across 4 EPs where singles off his album Allegranza, are reworked by various producers, including Bass Clef, Architecture in Helsinki, Tanlines, Delorean and Mumdance! Tropical goodness.

The new Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) album is lost on me, I have no real interest in checking it out properly. Any original off it is most likely far better off with the remix treatment like this one from the irresistable Four Tet.

Joe Goddard - Apple Bopping (Four Tet remix) (MediaFire)

Like, wow! What a stunning track.

Lastly, and obsessed as ever I guess:

Aeroplane - Chart Mix November 2009 (right click save as via Soundcloud)

01. Music Go Music : "Warm in The Shadow" (Villa Remix)
02. Gossip : "Heavy Cross" (Siriusmo Dub)
03. Emjae : "Discoplex"
04. Two Door Cinema Club : "I Can Talk" (Golden Bug remix)
05. Palermo Disko Machine : "Vesuvia"
06. Joakim : "Spiders" (Extended Dance Mix)
07. Don Diablo : "I am Not From France" (Cagedbaby's Rollerdisco Lcross Campaign Mix)
08. Detachments : "Circles" (Mighty Mouse remix
09. The XX : "Crystalised" (Rory Phillips Remix)
10. Bot'ox : "Bearded lady Motorcycle Show"

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pata Pata Promo

my first promo mix... recorded live...

DJ Danger Ingozi - Pata Pata Promo (MediaFire)


Disrupt - The Bass Has Left The Building
Neil Landstrumm - The Race
DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Matias Aguayo's Comeme Mix)
Matias Aguayo - Pata Pata (feat. Lerato)
Diegors - O Sea, Hello!... (feat. R Costa)
Gucci Vump - The Boogieman
DJ Hell - My Definition Of House Music (Renaissance Man Bootcut)
Basti Grub - Safarifahrt
Renaissance Man - Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut
Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho - Kid Conga (Edu K Minimal Forro Remix)
R.I.V.E.R. - Fairycide
Débruit - Congo Whoomp
Boy 8-bit - Baltic Pine (GreenMoney Baltic Porn Bootleg)
Pearson Sound - Wad
Steve Angello - Che flute (Douster edit)
Mumdance & Brodinski - Eurostarr (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
Myd - Train To Bamako
Rainbow Arabia - Holidays In Congo (Myd Remix)
Silverlink Feat. Badness & Jammer - The Message Is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8 Bar Remix)
Timberlee - Gunny Gunny (Schlacthofbronx Remix)
Schlachthofbronx - Mad Instrument
Berou and Canblaster - Kapongo Dance
Gang Gang Dance - Bebey (DJ Rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)
Ruckus & Roke - Screw Face
Stagga - Sick As Sin
G. Corp meets Lee Perry and Dubble Standart - Dubstep Devil

maybe you'll dig my ayobayo!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parties: THE END IS LIVE Presents: SCHLACHTHOFBRONX [Germany] Live in South Africa - Interview


Schlachthofbronx [Germany] are the pioneers of Munich Bass; a dirty hybrid of modern styles like Ghettotech, Electro, Dubstep & Hip Hop which also references the authentic sounds of Dancehall, African Kuduro, German folk music, Coupé-Décalé and Roots Reggae. Their one and only aim is: GHETTO-BASS IN YO FACE!

Playdoe, the self styled "Neolectro, Afrobotic, Ethnotechno mama's boys", have developed their own take on Hip Hop and modern club Electro by also including sounds of their own heritage to create a melting pot of musical flavours that sounds unlike anything else.

Schlachtofbronx and Playdoe will also join forces for a short collaboration set that will bring together their diverse musical styles into a modern club sound, free from genres , stereotypes and borders.

Twelv & Thesis are Jozi's own destructive live break-beat duo whose sets are an eclectic high octane blend of Electro, BreakBeat, Drum & Bass and booty shaking ghetto techtonic beats.

It's also the official debut of Jozi's new boombot, DJ Danger Ingozi. He'll be flexing his electroactive polymers with a high voltage selection of Tropic House, Afro-tech, Kwaistep & Dub.

Yo booty wants to come. Bring it.


Twelv & Thesis
Bronx / Playdoe Collaboration
Schlachthof Bronx
DJ Danger Ingozi


So, Munich club bangers, Schlachthofbronx, are hitting Jozi with their dirty ghetto booty bass rave this weekend. As their name suggests, it's sure to be some kind of slaughterhouse on that dancefloor. We caught up with them while on tour in anticipation of the party.

So guys, your new debut album is finally out, you are on tour and it
seems well received by everyone from Diplo to Edu K and Sinden to
Switch. How’s life treating you?

We're glad to have the chance to get around a little and meet so many interesting people.

The album sounds way more consistent than most dance albums. Did you
try to bridge the gap between a conventional club record and something you could
listen to more often and elsewhere?

Its probably not the best soundtrack for a lazy hangover Sunday.
But when you're into club music it works pretty good.
We arranged it more in a way we'd play a set when we DJ. Having different styles and building up vibe with every track....

Your influences are massively eclectic – electro, b-more, kuduro,
baile, soca, dancehall, funana, Balkan, Bavarian, dubstep - but they
all have one thing in common – Bass!
Is this a conscious effort to keep crowds interested in the club and
on the dancefloors, or it just what you find yourselves making in the
studio and then try out in the clubs?

We were kinda bored by the way some club music developed the last years. We don't want to hear the same style of music the whole night when we go out. There's so much cool music around. Lets try some of that stuff in the club.

The press has been having a field day with your genre. Possibly or
probably because you have been instigating it from the start hahaha. So one
more time, in your own words and on the record, how would you describe
your music?

Carnival techno, caribian bounce, worldschranz, Bavarian bounce, polkafunk and everyhing very danceable.

For anyone curious about the type of music you guys make and are into
and whomever else is part of the extended family of your scene… Who
would you recommend checking out?

There are sooooooo many. Start with Mad Decent stuff, Man Recordings stuff, Bersa Discos stuff, check out Generation Bass, etc...

And any upcoming producers you would like to hype and give some loving

Beataucue, Tim Turbo, Sweet Sweat Soundsystem

What music were you into growing up?

Gabba, reggae, Guns n Roses

If you could work with any musician/producer, alive or dead, who would
it be?

Busta Rhymes, Busy Signal

"Ghettosuperstar" has some of the dirtiest lyrics we’ve heard… I dare say more so than Spoek’s. What does your momma’s have to say about it? And do you hear people in the crowd know them off by heart?

no...our mothers don't know so they don't care. It's not that dirty anyway...
And yes people sing that stuff along in some places. The dirtier it gets the more.

Spoek (Sweat-X and Playdoe) has been a frequent collaborator, how did
your working together happen?

We played with Sweat-X last year and played some stuff to him. He'll also be on our next EP on Man Recordings that comes end of the year.

And in one simple gasp, describe how it is to tour with him.

Red hot strawberry water (he just bought that at the airport)... a lot of fun.

I’ve heard his native tongue rubbing off on you guys. Are there any
words or sayings you have been dropping overseas for catchphrases?


All the music he gets involved in seems really well received overseas,
it’s surely generating some curiosity for what’s going on in South
Africa, am I right?

The best representative you can imagine. Soccer does the rest....

What do you guys expect from your shows here in South Africa?

We're really curious about what will happen because you never know how it works with the people. Best would be getting the people who go to the show to party hard. And if they bring vuvuzelas!

You are 3 guys in the studio, but only 2 when you play live. Is the other guy shy or does his best bassface just not cut it?

gone a jail!

What does your live setup consist of and how do you perform your material live?

As the DJ team we come with 3 CDJs, an MPC 2000Xl, some dubsirens and delays and of course a Spoekman5000. We're planning a real live show next year

What can South Africans expect from your show?

Hornblowing, ragwavin, bassheavy carnival techno.


The party happens this Friday night, November 20 at The Bassline in Newtown (10 Henry Nxumalo Street). Secure parking is available, doors open at 9pm. Cover is R50 before 11pm and R60 after.

For map and R.S.V.P. check out the event on Facebook here.

And remember to bring your bassface and a vuvuzela!

You can stream their debut album here...

And this is a freebie off of the album, get your township funk on!

Schlachthofbronx - Mad Instrument (right click save as)

And some more pumping power via Mixed Bizness:

Schlachthofbronx - Good To Go (right click save as)

"A ragga wonkstepping electronic horn led fanfare as featured in Benny Boom’s recent '…Ain’t He Swell?' mix." - MB

Schlachthofbronx - Fatthing (Remix) (right click save as)

"A low slung wobble bass re-hertzing of the classic Sleng Teng rhythm." - MB

Schlachthofbronx - Bretto (right click save as)

"Chunky electro that hits hard on the dance floor. Pure DJ gold." - MB

***Update*** For your poolside/post-banging jiving pleasure, the debut mix by DJ Danger Ingozi:

DJ Danger Ingozi - Pata Pata Promo (MediaFire)

Tracklisting here.

Liver from Cape Town has also just been confirmed to open the party, sample this goodie:

Liver - Flip Flops Glitch Pops Mix (right click save as)

Liver – Intro
Mr. Sakitumi – Secret Agent Man with Liver feat. Disco Israel – Earthworms (Acapella) (unreleased/ unreleased)
Sibot feat. Spoek Mathambo – banging on the drum (jarring effects)
Sibot – Super Mix with. Mix n Blend feat. Sian – Drug in a Mug (vocals) (unreleased/ african dope)
P.h. Fat feat Fuzzy Slippaz – Big Five (Liver remix) (African dope)
Mr Sakitumi – Magnifrique (unreleased)
Sedgewarbler – Close your eyes and open your mouth (unreleased)
P.h. Fat – Squelch this (African dope)
Gazelle – Die Verlore Seun (mix n blend remix)
SFR – Kwaito Mandla (unreleased)
Mix n Blend feat. Rayelle Goodman – First Light vs. Mix n Blend – Everyone Calm (African dope)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Douster in the house

it's nice to hear mother africa having such an influence on such vibrant scenes overseas. makes me oh so proud... even better is that the influences are as diverse as the genres that make up these new sounds... house and electro incorporating such varied tribal rhythms from all over the world... there are these crazy eclectic tropic/afro/balkan raves happening all over!

i've really been loving
douster's productions... his busy signal "dagga" remix is a firm favourite and the yolande be cool one is grrrrrrreat!

Douster - Tasspé (MediaFire)

Busy Signal - Da Style Deh (Douster Dagga Remix) (MediaFire)

Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Douster Remix) (MediaFire)

his latest ep triassic genesis was released last month...

preview via this mini-mix:

Douster - Triassic Genesis EP Teaser (right click save as)

his upcoming ep features none other than prolific Mr.Spoek along with one of my other fave producers in the scene momma's boy on remix duties (once again)... preview the original below:

Douster ft. Spoek Mathambo - Punani  by  douster

for a proper introduction grab these mixes:

Douster - ZZK Mixtape Vol. 6 (right click save as)

Clipse - Zen (Douster edit)
Zonora Point - Huachita Rica (Douster Remix)
Bangladesh - Drop (How you feel) ft. Muffy (Douster edit)
Marcianos Crew - Lloren ft. Camilito flow (Douster edit)
Beenie Man - Hum Hum (Douster Tumba riddim mix)
Douster - Khasr (Loser edit ft. Cecill & Lady Saw)
Douster ft. MC Dandao - Puta que Paria
Fauna - Gauchito Gil (Douster Remix)
Douster - Dame Duro
Douster - Schlaggada (Swaggada edit)
Douster - Zombie ft. Fauna
Douster - Yezz
Douster - Triassic Genesis
Douster - Dumbo (Gunship funk edit)
MC Zulu - Body Rock (Douster remix)
Douster - Carajo

"This mixtape, composed entirely of his own productions, shows the evidence of this influence (Digital Cumbia): here the power of Electro is fused, remixed and edited with the rhythmic cadence of Cumbia and Reggaeton wrapped around Baile Funk, Kwaito, Wobble and a bunch of other unclassifiable genres we won´t even try to name." - ZZK Records

Douster – XLR8R Podcast (right click save as)


01 Zonora Point - Apuesta Alto (Douster remix)
02 Busy Signal - Cool Baby (Poirier remix)
03 Tifa - Tick It Like a Clock
04 Sonidero Cordobestia - La Subienda
05 Million Stylez - Miss Fatty (Douster Bubblin Edit)
06 Junior Jack - Quer Sambar (Blood Shake Tropical Remix)
07 Douster feat. Spoek Mathambo “Punani” (Unreleased)
08 Malente & Dex feat. New Kids - Lions (Douster remix)
09 Isa GT - Funketa (Douster Recabeza Remix)
10 Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Grahmzilla x Nick Catchdubs Remix Edit)
11 Rustie - Tempered
12 Mark Pritchard & Ommas Keith - Wind It Up
13 David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch (Afrojack Remix)
14 N.B Funky - Nutz
15 Justin Martin & Claude VonStroke - Beat That Bird
16 Arcade - Jugo Carioca y Diario Popular (Douster Dumb Remix)
17 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Pondo (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Mix)
18 Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)
19 Benga & Coki - Night (Geeneus Remix)
20 Lady Chann & Sticky - Sticky situation
21 Timberlee Bubble Like Soup (Soca Remix)
22 Douster - Triassic Genesis
23 Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
24 Douster - Journey to Tethys Sea
25 The Very Best - Yalira (Douster remix)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Parties: Don't Party presents The Garbage Pail Kids (Cape Town, Friday, November 13)

Event on Facebook

Check out these new tunes from Sibot:

Baggy Leathers edit (right click save as)

Bitch (right click save as)

Fet Snoek (right click save as)

"Bitch" and "Fet Snoek" sounds like he's been tuning into the electro/techno/tropic/afro-house hybrid sound of scenes going down on a massive scale overseas with producers like Renaissance Man, Riva Starr, Crazy Cousinz, Douster and the like. On these 2 tracks he injects a distint local/Kwaito influence. Nice!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Already Lovesick for 2010 Releases

There are some massive records to already look forward to early on in 2010.

January 18 will see the release of Lindstrøm & Christabelle's new album Real Life Is No Cool.

"Lovesick" is probably one of the sexiest tracks I've heard of late. Chanteuse Christabelle's sultry vocals (a.k.a. Solale from a few previous collaborations that will be included on this release) are the perfect compliment to Lindstrøm's flawless production. It makes total sense Aeroplane has remixed "Baby Can't Stop"...

Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Lovesick (Megaupload)

Undoubtedly one of the releases I am most looking forward to playing out, sure it will be a firm fave for many an adoring fan come next year.

The highly anticipated new LCD Soundsystem album is slated for a March 2010 date and this new single, Bye Bye Bayou (offered as a free download via their website), will be out out on the 24th of November on DFA Records. It’s a cover of a 1980ies Alan Vega original. 

It's a slowburning epic disco number, keeping it real for the dancefloor. The bassline moonwalks a catchy groove while the rest of the production perfectly places some hi-hatting handclaps and some awesome oscillating atmospheric touches... The vocals remind me of TV On The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe... Mr. Dance-Punk-Murphy gets it as right as ever on this one.

LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou (Mediafire)

Needless to say, it's also going to be huge!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My Hallow's eve theme for the weekend...

Cabin Fever - Untitled (MediaFire)

Organ disco grooves!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I smoke the jazz, I hate the crack, I love you like Burt Bacharach

Been offline for quite the while (also been working on some exciting stuff indeed and will be sure to enlighten you all soon soon), but will slowly start making some regular posts again.

Like, now...

Here's a new favourite. New Young Pony Club fans will be delighted.

Parallel Dance Ensemble are a Danish punk funk outfit made up of sassy New Zealand MC Coco Solid and Copenhagen based producer Robin Hannibal (of Owusu & Hannibal).

Already getting plays and props from the likes of James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) & Horse Meat Disco, they're sure to get you dancing by yourself whilst getting your 80ies freak on... Like M.I.A. doing her best Salt 'n Pepa impression, busting out rhymes over ESG, Liquid Liquid and Tom Tom Club.

And you won't find no cheekier tongue in cheek rhymes fronting a disco funk outfit, that's for sure - toooo precious!

Check out the videos too!

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Weight Watchers (MediaFire)

And this remix from the labelheads (Yam Who?'s ISM label) that signed them. It's sure to make it onto my next mix...

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Yam Who rework) (MediaFire)

...and a firm favourite in my sets next to stuff like this:

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 - 20 (The Glimmers remix) (MediaFire)

Now, once again, as silky smoothe as Burt Bacharach dipping his winky in a pot of cosmic body butter, post-disco duo Aeroplane strikes again... Nuff said:

Aeroplane - Mix Chart October (right click save as via Soundcloud)

01. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Remix)
02. Ali Love - Diminishing Returns
03. Ladyhawke - Magic (Donnie Sloan Dub)
04. Neurotic Drum Band - Robotic Hypnotic Adventure
05. Cloned In Vatican - Nina (Road To Cagliari)
06. Unknown
07. Golden Filter - Thunderbird (Villa Remix)
08. Royksopp - This Must Be In (The Bloody Sisters Remix)
09. Toecutter - Best Party Ever (Jordan Lightyear & Jimmy 2 Sox Remix)
10. Groove Armada - I Wont Kneel

Friday, October 16, 2009

Red Bull Music Studio Roundup: An Introduction

Hey all, I’d like to introduce something fresh to the Headphone Junkie. This past year I’ve been working for the Red Bull Music Studios down in Cape Town, a space which has grown to be a kind of hub of local music creativity, admittedly because of its location, mainly in the Mother City (but as it grows hopefully that will change).

All sorts of music is getting made down here, alongside other projects such as the Red Bull Music Academy Taster and a variety of workshops. From Belville Rock to Afro-Dubstep to live DJ recordings, there is a wealth of amazing content coming out of the studio.

So to cut to the chase, I’m going to be updating this blog on the regular with just some of the mad magical music coming out of the studio. If you’d like to check out more content, then you’ll have to head over to the actual studio blog at www.redbullstudioza.com

To kicks things off I present one of our most popular recordings, that of Inge Beckman, ex singer of Lark and all round music siren. This track, Death By Ocean, is an amazing, haunting song that probably best reveals Inge’s talent.

Inge Beckman – Death By Ocean

On top of that I’d also like to introduce you all to, if you don’t know about it already, Red Bull Music Academy Radio. RBMA Radio is probably one of the illest online radio stations in the world right now. Live band recordings sit alongside DJ sets in a catalogue of some of the best music being made right now.

The Red Bull Music Academy Radio player is embeddable, much like Youtube videos, and so as an example of the types of shows you can listen to, I’ve embedded the player with a few shows below. You can listen straight off this page, but if you want to hear more you’ll have to head over to www.redbullmusicacademyradio.com

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rusko - Everybody Dance Now

been awfully quiet i know. busy busy....

but here's some new dirty stepper choons...

a little while ago rusko did a mix for the fenchurch store...

play it loud:

Rusko – Fenchurch Exclusive Mix (MediaFire)


Rusko – Dial My Number
Redlight – Feels So Good
Stenchman – Puking Over (Rusko Remix)
Chase & Status – Saxon
Basement Jaxx – Feelings Gone (Rusko Remix)
Kid Sister & Rusko – Pro Nails
Calvin Harris – Not Alone (Doorly Remix)
Neeka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)
Rusko – Go Go Gadget
Skunk Anansie – I Can Dream (Rusko Remix)
Rusko – Everybody Dance Now
Kid Kudi – Day And Night (Rusko Remix)
Rusko – Jahova
Skream – Murdera (Instrumental)
Rusko – My Mouth
Trolley Snatcha – Rock The Funky Beats
Rusko & Chali 2na – How Low Can U Go?
Jakes – Code Zebra
Little Boots – Remedy (Rusko Remix)
Nero – Blinded By The Lights
Flux Pavillion & Trolley Snatcha – F**king Noise
Marco Del Horno – Samurai (Rusko Remix)
Rusko – Cockney Thug
Rusko – Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
Benga – Night (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
Marco Del Horno – Gunman Remix
The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)
DJ Luck & Mc Neat – Little Bit Of Luck

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Resident Advisory: Neil Landstrumm... And Then Some

k so it only makes sense to have mister neil landstrumm do the next instalment for the ra podcast after modeselektor...

as i've spun my interest, nay, excitement in all things quirky & bass driven i.e. rustie, zomby, hudson mohawke and other bleepyness 'n glitch hop (thrown in to prevail in case of overkill with just dubstep start to finish... it happens...) for some proper headphone and bassbin action alike, it seems mighty fitting to mention this sir in said context.

neil landstrumm is a deity of bassdom. from his early delving into techno to his recent dubstep affiliation and even more so his latest ep, bambaataa eats his breakfast, he's got this sound he's been forging with his scottish team mates down to an art. his mix for ra is like his very own time capsule of his evolution as a producer and i advise many a youngster to take note, as i have.

Neil Landstrumm - RA.174 (right click save as)

and here are some other mixes i've been thoroughly enjoying at the most impromptu of times...

first up... sound pelegrino's solo:

Solo – Midget Mix (September 2009) (MediaFire)


01 T.Green - Kitch in
02 Quintino - Heaven (Belocca Dub Remix)
03 Coolshop - Trumpet girl (J.Magan Remix)
04 Wutang Clan - Shimmy shimmy
05 BSS - Aqui pra voces (Mastiksoul Remix)
06 V.Vera&Mijail - Jungler
07 Dario Nunez - Work this pussy
08 Solo - Minimood
09 Sebastien Leger - Le Moustique
10 Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Mowgli Remix)
11 Cerrone&Diaz - Another last cigarette
12 Danelectro- Let them come
13 Vonstroke & J.Martin- “Beat that bird”
14 Swizz Beatz - It’s me bitches
14 Crookers - Put your head on me (Solo Remix)
15 Gipsy Beats - La Revedere

next... zombie disco squad beat me to it on a couple of tracks. fair game. how i do dig this vibe...

Zombie Disco Squad – Slap Happy Mix (MediaFire)


01 DJ Nephets - Shoulder lean Juked
02 Greg Campbell & Digital Jacq - Deep Inside (J Philipp Bugged Out mix)
03 Tigerskin – Rock the Bell
04 DJ T – Dis
05 Sacha Robotti - Tigerly Trumpets
06 Style Of Eye – Road Race
07 DJ Deaon – Make that Booty Clap
08 Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (All Night Long) (Trentemoeller Remix)
09 Claude Von Stroke & Bootsy Colins – Greasy Beat
10 Edwin Jackson – War (NS Blend)
11 Worthy - Surdo
12 Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Para Voces (Mastiksoul Remix)
13 Renaissance Man – What is Guru (Riva Starr Mix)
14 Inflation – Crazy Cousinz

also really been digging the new Gucci Vump release. so---lid!

but especially the two remixes by L-VIS 1990 and Downtown (one half Renaissance Man)

Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-vis 1990 remix) (MediaFire) [buy] <<< my fave

Gucci Vump - The Boogieman (Downtown remix) (MediaFire) [buy]

this label can't come more highly recommended!

Friday, September 25, 2009

all hail the kings of bass rave: schlacthofbronx coming to sa + new album out now!

in case you don't know it yet, schlachthofbronx (germany) are coming to south africa later this year.

both an EP (grab the Bellyful Of Pills teaser mix here) and full album have dropped and its like a bombshell of tits and acid i tell ya...

these guys are dirty dirty hype machines! there's no wonder that there's been plenty of spoek involvement, with slush puppy kids (spoek mathambo & big space) featured amongst some other schlachthof-cohorts like g. rag und die landlergschwister, making yet another appearance (check out schlacthof's remix of their "isatalerghettoschuten" track - absolutely bonkers bavarian bounce, like some kinda polka rave music)

there are sirens and ri-di-cu-lous basslines to make you even sweatier than x ever did.

here's an electro-ghetto banger with some township funk to get your pata pata on like its 20 10 already:

schlachthofbronx - mad instrument (right click save as)

spread the word. playdoe and yours truly on the support side in jozi and they are heading to cape town for a party that side too.

do it

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Resident Advisory - Modeselektor

you can't miss out on this one ... looooove these guys ... masters of the universe, bringing the powa of bass skull

Modeselektor - RA.173 (right click save as)


Deadboy - If U Want Me - Numbers
Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix) – Hotflush Recordings
Maurizio - M5 - Maurizio
Zomby - Digital Flora – Brainmath
Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling – Hessle Audio
Taz Buckfaster - Gold Tooth Grin - Numbers
Mikkel Metal - Kenton (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Echocord Colour
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix) - Tempa
Venom & Damage - Deeper
Second Phase - Mentasm (R&S Records)
Modeselektor - Outro - Get Physical
Buraka Som Sistema - Skank & Move feat. Kano – Fabric Records
Lil Silva - Different - Lil Silva
Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix) – 2nd Drop Records
Lil Silva - Funky Pulse - DDJs Productions
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) - Mad Decent
XxXy - Reflections - Mindset
Headhunter - Sex at the Prom - Tempa
Robert Hood - Museum – M-Plant
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo - Hotflush Recordings
Mark Pritchard - ? – Ho Hum Records
Gas – Koenigsforst - Mille Plateaux

features plenty of brand new dubstep, techno and other cuts, yumyum

check it

Back To Stay (Dancing In Outer Space)

Here's a lil' sumting sumting:

Promo Mix #2... for We Own The Sky tomorrow night... Rooftop vibes!

Data Takashi - Back To Stay (Dancing In Outer Space) (MediaFire)


01. Fred Falke - Back To Stay
02. Tommy Sparks - Miracle (Grum remix)
03. Classixx - I’ll Get You (feat. Jeppe)
04. Senor Coconut And His Orchestra - Behind the Mask (Al Usher remix)
05. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (DCUP remix)
06. Camille - Ta Douleur (Al Usher Vocal Mix)
07. Mark E - R&B Drunkie
08. Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines
09. 40 Thieves - Don’t Turn It Off (feat. Qzen)
10. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 2)
11. Bostro Pesopeo - Falls (Hercules & Love Affair remix)
12. Bat For Lashes - Pearl’s Dream (Leo Zero remix)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hudson Mohawke: I feel like a slice of butter... melting over a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

donning a name of a weird statue that was at a 1700's house he used to live at, the scottish ex-stones thrower hudson mohawke's debut album butter is due for release on the 12th of october on warp. it follows the release of his critically acclaimed polyfolk dance ep that came out the beginning of the year .

what warp says of the release: "Butter sonically slides between a near unclassifiable strand of technicolour R'n'B, beats, UK bass music and vintage soul - download the sampler below so we can leave the music to speak for itself."

download a mini album sampler mix, nipped and tucked by the hud mo himself:

Hudson Mohawke - Butter Sampler Mix

and check out this eclectic wonder (loving them asian strings):

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5 (right click save as, via xlr8r) [buy/pre-book]

big up'd by the likes of rustie and flying lotus, these are sounds that should appeal to fans of producers as diverse as daedelus, cupp cave and débruit...

here is an older track off the polyfolk dance ep, if you haven't heard it yet check it out - chipper glitch-hop that's oh so gooood...

hudson mohawke - polkadat blues (mediafire) [buy]

i want more ... can't wait

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steadfast: Coming soon...

Some of our favourite releases from the likes of (labels) Mule, Third Ear, Eskimo and Rekids, has but one man behind them: Brendon Moeller, a.k.a. Beat Pharmacy and Echologist.

Of late our favourite is probably Beat Pharmacy's "Mental Universe (Dub)".
Some of the best dub(step) we've heard all year. Solid! But from what we've been hearing, it might soon be a changing...

Here comes a new platform for Mr. Moeller's sound - deep 'n dubby House & Minimal and Dubstep with that hint of psychedelia that makes a production as atmospheric as they come. His new label Steadfast will be distributed through Kompakt with some amazing releases in the works, the first of which coming November 2nd in the form of Brendon Moeller's own Escape.

We also got this mix from the Kompakt blog... Apparently they've been playing "this killer DJ mix" Brendon gave them all week in their offices over there and he has graciously allowed them to share it with us.

Brendon Moeller - DJ Mix 9/09 (right click save as)

01. Mungolian Jetset - Madre Epics Part 2
02. Redshape - Dark & Sticky
03. Levon Vincent - Solemn Days
04. Mark Verbos - Frozen_In_Time
05. Mark Broom Vs Brothers' Vibe - Mind-Feeling (youANDme Hirsch Edit)
06. Shigeru Tanabu – Move (Brendon Moeller Remix)
07. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love (Voice-Appella)
08. Yapacc – Tales Mystery
09. Chaim – We Do
10. Loose Shus - Taurus (Keenhouse Rmx)
11. Brendon Moeller - Escape
12. Gummihz- East From Savanna
13. Roman Lindau – Can’t Fix
14. Federico Locchi – UGLH Dub Trumpet (Original Mix)
15. Veitengruber – Bon Melange (Afrilounge Remix)
16. Black Jazz Consortium – What’s Up With The Love
17. gowentgone - M.A.M. (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
18. Erefaan Pearce – Start It Up (Original Dub)
19. Mike Dehnert – Black Smoke
20. Soundstream – Good Soul 
21. Delta Funktionen - Deflection
22. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love (Voice-Appella)

Deep and techy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I saw a punk with a piss stain on his pants in the girls bathroom. He had things in his thin hair and was standing in the corner between the basins. He may have been watching a movie called Girls in the Bathroom, or he may have been in one called Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. Either way, he had nothing to do with anyone else in the room. I don't like that boy, but he does provide a charmingly anecdotal introduction to the power of the groove.

Camille - Ta Douleur (Al Usher Vocal Mix) (MediaFire)

There's something fundamentally filthy about Camille. Firstly, she's French. Secondly, she has a big nose. That means big nostrils... and that means long nose hairs. Mostly, though, she ends her sentences with so much phlegm that the sex she seems to Europeanly imply is more like an alien water birth or something you found in your panties that sent you rushing to the doctor. Maybe Camille is like musical thrush.
However, Al Usher licked the skin that tasted like soil and grew an Orange Maid Lolly. That embarrassing vocal is cleaved with a bass line so firm and sweet and gradually the mucus is diluted to some kind of pleasant film. I'm not saying its a great song, but its nice to see what a man can do with a dirty woman.

Closer Musik - One Two Three (No Gravity) (MediaFire)

Old Aguayo got me with the line "Papa don't dance cos that music got no... balls." Which really has nothing at all to do with this 2000 release from Closer Musik, a project that sees the chiseled Chilean collaborate with German autokraut, Dirk Leyers. That's a helluva pulling power for a pretty girl. I'm a big fan of Musik with a 'k', and of the massive inter-textual web of 'Closer' (NIN, Patrick Marber, "you're too far away"). I also like Germans very much, either in spite of because of their own particular phlegm. The track title, however, rhymes. Eh.

Luckily, the Eh wasn't nearly big enough to matter. Its a minimal track, in the adjectival more than generic sense, and also in the cherry tomato sense. Notes here are left to play out to their conclusion with a resonance I had technologically forgot. The minute modulations of most minimal mean that sounds end when they are meant to end - the sounds are built up to fit the track. In No Gravity, though, there seems to be far more care for notes in and of themselves, and the minimalism comes in here where the potential of each is coaxed and cooed out - the melody will say anything that tone forgot. Add to that cold water hand wash the lilted, Third World love affair vocal and Closer Musik have achieved proximity in the most tender way.

Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines (MediaFire)

And finally: on the crest of that ultimate groove, we entreat you to fly Fantasy Lines tonight. Whatsoever that seems to mean. (Sex.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Parties: SOLID - Tha Dub Strikes Back (Johanesburg), Saturday, Sepptember 12 [feat. special guest Liver (CPT)]

Liver is up all the way from Cape Town this weekend!

Be sure to check him out at the second instalment of Solid, Tha Dub Strikes Back.

Jozi is slowly becoming one with the force, with Dubmental, another official dubstep party, joining in spreading the bassfacemaking movement. Dubstep had been surfacing in some sets all over Jozi, but it's nice to see there are finally some parties dedicated to spreading some steppas' delight.

Here's a taster for Liver's set tomorrow night:

Liver - It Seemed So Peaceful [Dubstep Mix] (DivShare)


Liver - Polished Glitch (right click save as, courtesy of mixedbizness)

Spank Rock - Bump (Liver remix) (right click save as, courtesy of mixedbizness)