Friday, July 31, 2009

Flexing My Electroactive Polymers With 2 Sets This Weekend

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▅ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▃ ▂
(Clearing my throat from a binary form into a more capacitating dialect)

The more i play, the more i get into it, that's for sure!

'..."i'm totally feeling this weekend's sets" he gushes...'

First up I'm playing the !DIRTY!DIRTY! stage along with Sibot, Shuffleshame, Musical Chairs, Big Space, Destrukto, and Indian Minor, tomorrow night at 10pm here.

My dielectric constant will be at an optimum high during a concentrated flux of Tropical House, Techno, Dubstep, Electro & Kuduro...

Speaking of which. Absolutely LOVING this mix at the moment by Superfilth!!!, Trouble Vision and LoveBox allstars residents, Oli D.A.B. and Robin:

Oli D.A.B & Robin - Zulu-T Party Mix (zShare)

Then Sunday morning, from midnight to closing time, I'll be keeping the smooothe... oozing some ionic flowing post-punk funk D I S C O at my favourite venue, an otherworldly home away from home, the breathtakingly beautiful, impeccable sounding, CCHQ. Check it out here.

Here's a killer classic mix by all-things-disco kings, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, to wind you down for Sunday:

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas - BBC Radio One Essential Mix 05-06-07 (Megaupload)


Al Usher - Her Today (Misericord)
Aeroplane - Aeroplane (Eskimo)
Lindstrøm & Solale - Let It Happen (Azuli)
In Flagranti - Bipolar (Codek)
No Theory - Devils Dance (Sin&Soul)
Lindstrøm - Musikal Overtones (Feedelity)
Sneak Thief G-String Orchestra - My Sullen Mistress (Klakson)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Kjappfot (Prins Thomas Edit) (Full Pupp)
Runaway - Shadows (Wurst)
Max Mohr - Assonja Swynja (Playhouse)
Dettman Vs. Moroder - Quicksand/Utopia Mash (White Label)
Faze Action - Stratus Energy (White Label)
M-D-Emm - Get Acidic (Transmat)
Centrific - Somebody Went To Detroit And All I Got Was The Itchy Hawtins (Drop Bass Network)
Fleetwood Mac - You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix) (White Label)
M E - Rnb Drunkie (Golf Channel)
Wild Rumpus - Musical Blaze Up (Rub & Tug Bitches Remix) (Bitches Brew)
Chairmen Of The Board - Party (Invictus)
(Interlude) Rare Earth - Get Ready (Live Version) (EMI/Motown)
Niagara - Sangandongo Part 1 (White Label)
Solomun & Stimming - Eiszauber (Diynamic)
Still Going - Still Going Theme (DFA)
Lindstrøm - Contemporary Fix (Bjørn Torske Remix) (Smalltown Supersound)
Nick Chacona - Mariacha (Internasjonal)
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Nummer Fire En (Short Edit)

Enjoy your weekend!

▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▂ ▂

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hecatomb: It's Full Of Blinding Light

Matthew Dear has been taking his Audion alias on tour leaving audiences in awe all over the world.

Press Release:

In ancient Greek, "Hecatomb" is the word for "large-scale sacrifice or slaughter"; in Audion's universe, it's a live audio/visual experience like no other. Hecatomb is a dazzling and gorgeous assault of light that spins and twists into the ether. Musically, it's the new live Audion - a relentless percussive onslaught that will leave you breathless. A whirlwind of light and sound, Hecatomb was created by longtime Audion art director Will Calcutt and renowned artist Eno Henze.

It looks AMAZING:

We would give ANYTHING to go to one of the upcoming dates, especially the Field Day Festival! Check out the amazing line-up here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brash & Vulgar Thrills & Delights

In Flagranti have released one of my albums of the year. The duo, one half in New York, the other in Switzerland, work on tracks in their own spaces and then piece their productions together via the internet before finally releasing them.

"We never see each other, we just hook up for dinner before the gig and have fun doing shows, everything else is done via internet. Producing music, graphic design, videos/visuals, everything."

They also share a fondness for, or rather obsession, of 70ies kitsch and porn that is evident from the artwork of their releases on their own label Codek (though they were made famous by releases on Kitsune and also had some on Eskimo); and by the look of their tracks' names, their sense of humour is also steeped in it.

Brash & Vulgar is a melting sex pot of punk funk, mutant disco and italo and then some... The then some relating to tracks like "Black & Grey Striped Trousers" & "Svelte Blonde" sounding like something that could easily have soundtracked a Quentin Tarantino (like Death Proof) or a Russ Meyer film alike; "Pick A Trick" could be equally at home on Chicks On Speed as a release; whilst album closer "How Did The Affair End?" is something of a neo-tropical journey in the vein of Studio.

Hey, they should remix the Deep Throat soundtrack! Here's hoping...

In Flagranti - A Little Something "Extra" (MediaFire)


New remix of a Woolfy track. AWESOME!

Woolfy - Oh Missy (In Flagranti's Xenon Mix) (MediaFire)


In Flagranti - FACT Mix 54 (MediaFire)


Medieval Pundits Atomizer (In Flagranti Mix)
In Flagranti – Svelte Blonde
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Yuksek (In Flagranti Mix)
Temptations / Glass House (In Flagranti Edit)
BEF / Money (In Flagranti Edit)
Fancy Beat – Funk In (Telespazio Remix)
Supercycle – No Kitty Bad Kitty
Sweet Louise (In Flagranti Edit)
YACHT – Summer Song
Smoke and Mirrors Nearly There Break
Roy Ayers (In Flagranti Edit)
Timo Maas Break
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Killing Joke (In Flagranti Edit)
Breeders – Cannonball (In Flagranti Edit)
Fad Gadget – Pedestrian (In Flagranti Edit)
Romeo Void (In Flagranti Edit)

The Parachute Ending Video, leaves me green with envy.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Friends are Electric, but thanks for asking Gary.

As an alternative to shilling out 100clams to see a Dj you've never heard of, Jhb's and Cpt's greatest dj's will be throwing a party this saturday at Kitcheners Carvery. 

It'll cost you at the most 20clams, that leaves you a spare 80clams to get CRUNK!

A track I'll definitely be playing and have been for ages is this:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slugs a Mean Beat

This is some awesome new kinda shit. Seriously. Something like Hudson Mohawke and Quarta 330 making beats in outer space with some ghettomartian bootygirls shaking their thaangs in a Fabric-style bass padded anti-gravity dancehall.

Slugabed resides on Rustie's label Stuff Records which totally makes sense since his productions remind me a little of Rustie's - especially Rusties's remix of Zomby's "Spliff Dub".

His mélange of lo-fi, 8-bit, hip-hop & dubstep styles is truly refreshing.

Slugabed - Lets Go Swimming (MediaFire)

Buy it at Boomkat.


La Roux - In For The Kill (Slugabed rekindle) (MediaFire)

And here's a little bodge he threw together for people to hear some of his things:

Slugabeat Mix (right click save as)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Belushi's Beloved - 014

With all this banging on about techno, it's only logical that I post something Lo-Fi in order to balance out this fucking blog.

Raised by a cult, rescued by a millionaire and addicted to pills - Girls

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace (MediaFire)
Girls - Solitude (MediaFire)

The single Hellhole Ratrace is out now on Fantasy Trashcan.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Toy Toy presents Trevor Jackson @ Loaded, 04 July

It was a nippy evening. After a hard days work selling smooth fusion to my BEE boys down at Plum (CDs and DVDs, good day?), I prepared to party. Although Toy-Toy proffered King of Town from 9pm, I had a little more work to take care of first at the opening night of JoziSpeak 2009, the national debating championship hosted, this year, by Wits. I’m the coolest kid in the WDU.

After that scintillating start, Toy Toy had moved on to something I didn’t want to see. Its not about liking or disliking Desmond and the Tutu’s – with Nic Dinnie doing his jazz thing at the JoziSpeak soiree, I was in fact inclined to liking. It is about how I didn’t really want to see a punk band before a disco DJ. How foolish I was…

Kitcheners Carvery provided the kind of pre-party I wanted. Kitcheners Carvery always provides the kind of anything I want.

Special mention must be made of the gigantic Bar Man. He doesn’t tend the bar – he just rests on it, mustache and mane glinting. He makes me feel just like James Bond. I would probably steal his cologne and put it on at night.

Electro duo Shuffleshame were doing their electro duo best when I arrived. They’re young, clean, good looking boys with style. They belong on a high stage, with big speakers, in front of a young, clean, good looking crowd with style. I haven’t seen this yet – which means I’m not convinced yet – but I’ll be looking out for them anyway. They ended their Saturday set by picking up a microphone and saying “Yo! Party! Yeah! Big up!”

Rabbit Eyed then tore them from pussy to pout.

Since his return to urban decay, Rabbit Eyed’s cruelty has flourished. Saturday’s opening was merciless, reactionary (something about wolves and sheep) and invasive – a shadow fell over the Bar Man; the disco ball spun faster. But of course that wasn’t all, and old Granny Kitchener appeared in the swirling lights of her own stomach, dry mouth wetting itself on the minute sounds building melodies like powdered sweets from a tin. The sweetness is still cruel – it is affecting and in that way disrespectful of the kind of social barrier we prefer to maintain. But its not hard to forget why boundaries ever mattered when the Digital Love synths rise high enough to be dropped.

And from that disorientating, cuddly wobble, we crossed the Nelson Mandela Bridge that still stirs the learned patriotism of my post(mid)struggle generation.

Loaded is a strange space – whether its something learned from Carfax business or something feng shui (which is my preferred theory), the entrance to Loaded feels like its arsehole. Entering the arsehole is some controversial shit; its never going to get a universal reaction.

The first thing I like to do is establish the key points in the scenario, so I can place myself accordingly in the sweet spot. The sweet spot is usually in front of the DJ, at the crux of the speaker lines. However, it took me at least 15 minutes to even find our Trev. There may be reasons for this that I’m at fault for, but whoever designed that set up has some explaining to do. There was a stage, with big lights mounted on it – and the DJ wasn’t there. There were two huge screens with superpimp visuals (provided by CHinxxx in a white wig, mmmmm) – and the DJ wasn’t there. The DJ wasn’t even way above the crowd behind another bright light – that was the lighting guy. Eventually we located him, awkwardly off centre on ground level behind a bland counter. He’s a good looking man, with nice thick hair, so he worked his work and made the place look good. But he certainly didn’t get any help from anything else. Concentration was dispersed. People danced in circles. Friends chatted.

Does that really sound good to you?

Luckily, the beats were banging. Explicitly sexy techy electro and some disco went through more and less techy patches. The percussion was intense, the bass was driving and nicely shaped melodies (mostly like Murakami’s fat cloud women) kept bodies moving easily. It wasn’t always forthcoming, but piece by piece he broke through to individuals and the dancefloor-wrecking circles melted a bit:
The circles are like glaciers, but a nice dance floor is like shallow warm wavelets around your ankles.

What I’m saying here is that, the party didn’t seem to be geared to a maximum appreciation of the music. The party was the party, and the DJ played the music at it.

It makes sense. Trevor Jackson’s background is playing Art Galleries and Fashion Shows – his audience don’t need him. However, if you want him, he’s got something hella tasty to give.
Around 3.30, though, there was this funny joke. An 80s song, of some form. Bee Gees? Michael Jackson, even, perhaps.

And, I don’t like funny jokes. I don’t even like Michael Jackson – I’m too young.
Instead of building the set to a single point, the living Jackson was continually knocking over his own sand castle. Breaks would be followed with unsettling restarts, disseminating all that broken energy, and then starting again as though none of that had happened at all. It’s certainly one way to do it – things stay fresh and light for a very long time. But its not the way I like it, at the end of the day.

It’s the way that leads to the necessity of laughter. "Laughter is defense" – and fuck that business on a dance floor. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it and the funny jokes went on until around 5am.

We can call it a good party. But it was still a good party through an arsehole, whatever that means to you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Essential Techno

M_Nus announced that the upcoming Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 will feature none other than  Sci+Tec guru Dubfire and M_nus god Richie Hawtin.

The session was recorded live at Exit Festival in Novi Sad on Friday, July 10th, where both artists played back to back!

The Dubfire+Hawtin Click to Click Essential Mix at Exit premiers tomorrow night, July 18th, at 0300 BST on BBC Radio 1 and will be available for listen anytime for seven days at bbc.co.uk/radio1/essentialmix

Parties: Parkertron (Fingathing) (UK) + Sibot - Friday, July 24 (Cape Town) | Saturday, July 25 (Johannesburg)

We mentioned something a couple of days ago about ©ontraband. It's a new series of parties brough to us by Social Security and Sheer Sound. Parkertron, a.k.a. Peter Parker of Fingathing (Ninja Tunes) & Real Dolls will be heading up the first installment along with our local boogie wonder boi Sibot.

Press Release:

Parkertron was all human at one time although he can't remember exactly when that was.

In 1997, at the age of 21, after his forays in the UK DMC championships, he was discovered by Mark Rae of Grand Central records and it wasn't long before he became a fully fledged member of the Grand Central turntable squad as Peter Parker. He was also part or Rae & Christian's live backing band where he met double bass player, Sneaky, and shortly after, along with Chris Drury formed Fingathing. Signed to Grand Central in the UK and Ninja Tune in the US they enjoyed a great deal of success, touring the world playing mind boggling, high energy shows where Peter Parker ripped up the MPC and decks. Man and machine had begun to get closer. Over the years, Fingathing released 3 full length albums with collaborations from people like Mr Scruff and DJ Noize.

He is now also the primary beatmaker of Real Dolls and a renowned DJ whose technical live shows are both awesome and awe-inspiring. He's a bit like Darth Vader now, meaning more machine than man; He's Parkertron.

Sibot, as everyone knows, is no stranger to the machine either. His robot hands move in a dizzying blur seamlessly over the genre boundaries, between live and DJ.

Expect a night of robot dance music. The machines fight back...

It's happening next week Saturday at the Alexander Theatre.
More info on Facebook here.

And if you are in Cape Town, don't fret, you won't miss out.

He's headlinging the next Discotheque installment with Sibot on the Friday before at The Assembly along with Mr. Sakitume (live) and Spekta.

More info on Facebook here.

So what can we expect from his set? A mash up of a plethora of influences as well as a heap of his own production material. Expect some Electro, Miami Bass, Hip Hop, through to Punk, Motown, & Electronica all cut, stabbed, pasted and slipped into a dancefloor thumping concoction that reflects his musical personality.

But not to miss the beat pumping through your stereo:

Parkerton / Real Dolls Mix (right click save as)


Real Dolls - Trophy
A-Trak ft Kid Cudi - Mastered
Cool Kids - 88
Flying Lotus - Gangbang
Danger ft Vyle - 0H00
Jay Z / Dangermouse - Encore
Real Dolls - Control
Unknown - Township Funk
Holywood Holt - Holywood
Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
Egyptian Lover - Kinky Nation
Spank Rock - Bump
Real Dolls - My Bitch is Plastic
Cex - Phreq
DJ Sega - Bodies Hit The Floor
Fingathing - Cluster Buster

Bonus (should appeal to fans of The Gossip):

Real Dolls - Can't Do Right (MediaFire)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parties: Disco Down - Friday, July 17 (Johannesburg)

This line-up says it all... Tomorrow night is disco down night.

Expect some great disco - nu and old - by Jozi's underground heavyweights King Of Town, Richard The Third and Data Takashi.

Event on Facebook.

And a mix by one of our favourite nu-disco duos we just can't get enough of to get you warmed up nicely:

Aeroplane - June Mix (zShare)


1. Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx Version)
2. Doves - Jetstream (Lindstrom Remix)
3. Florence And The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Leo Zero Remix)
4. Lowbrows - Dream in The Desert (Flight Facilities Remix)
5. Bent - Always (Mighty Mouse Remix)
6. Classixx Feat. Jeppe - I'll Get You
7. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Edit)
8. Peaches - Loose You (Brodinski & Yuksek Dub)
9. Joakim - Nebula Laughter

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sempre A Subir (Always Moving Up)

Buraka Som Sistema have been on a steady rise since their initial EP releases and smash hit "Yah!". Their Black Diamond and Sound Of Kuduro albums on Fabric affirmed them as the kings of kuduro, a genre mixing modern dance styles with African percussion samples and simple Calypso and Soca rhythms.

BSS collaborator M.I.A. stated: "It initially came from kids not having anything to make music on other than cellphones, using samples they'd get from their PCs and mobiles' sound buttons... It's a rave-y, beat oriented sound. Now that it's growing, they've got proper PCs to make music on."

BSS are giving away the free concept type Blood Diamond mixtape, an after taster and quick fix to get to know them and the style a little bit better.


01. Diamonds are Forever Intro
02. DJ Znobia feat Jaime Foxx- Africa
03. Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba (wegue wegue) (Afrikan Boy remix)
04. Os Lambas - Sapo (BSS Edit)
05. Radioclit vs Guns’n'roses - Sweet Secousse of Mine (BSS edit)
06. The Kiss - Black Diamond
07. Tunes for Baby That Won’t Drive You Crazy - Black Diamond
08. Buraka Som Sistema - IC19 (Toy Selecta remix)
09. Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Para Voces (Favela Funk Samba edit)
10. Buraka Som Sistema - Wawaba (James Braun Copyflex remix)
11. Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (BSS Remix)
12. Dirty Tricks - Black Diamond
13. Rusko vs Puto Prata - Let’s Go (BSS Edit)
14. Buraka Som Sistema - R.I.A.D.
15. J-WOW feat Aloe Blacc - Off with ya head
16. Buraka Som Sistema - Gang Bang feat Blaya
17. David Zé - O Guerrilheiro
18. Johnny Clarke - Come Back To Me
19. Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro (D1 remix)
20. Zomby feat Pongolove - Kuduro Rumours (BSS Edit)
21. Rusko - Cockney Thug (BSS Remix)
22. Paul Simon - Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

Go get it here.

This sound is slowly moving into the SA scene, with Spoek and crew and their !DIRTY!DIRTY! parties along with Data Takashi really pushing the sound. Mixing African Music with House and Techno, South Africa should have the perfect audience.

In some other exciting news, pro-kuduro ghettosuperstars Schlactofbronx (Germany) are coming to our shores. Join the Contraband group on Facebook here to stay updated. Other artists confirmed amongst many more are Parkertron (UK), Sibot (CT), Boom Monk Ben (UK - Ninja Tune), Hint (UK - Ninja Tune), Playdoe (SA), Tuomi (Germany) and Gazelle (CT).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer is for Girlfriends

Lovely! Courtesy of the sweet folks at Sweet Touch Records, here's a new Emil & Friends track, a remix/cover inspired by Phoenix's "Girlfriend" and the late great Michael Jackson.

Emil & Friends - Girlfriend On Girlfriend (divshare)

Summer goodness as always, another winner alongside his reworks of Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" and MGMT's "Electric Feel".

And remember to look out for the Downed Economy vinyl sinlge released on July 27th. You can pick it up at Puregroove.


In this time of recession all are in need of a pick you upper, so here you go - I got the go ahead to share the full, aptly entitled EP by Emil & Friends, Downed Economy, with whomever I like.

Emil & Friends - Downed Economy EP (zShare)

From the get go with the bubbly funk-in-your-trunk title track, it's all cutesy, perfect for that girl next door mixtape material you've been aching to produce. Swedish summer vibes abound and it will most surely appeal to all fans of Jens Lekman, Passion Pit, Shhh... This Is A Library and Radio Dept fans alike.

Tell all your friends to get it asap, or spread it amongst yourselves, sharing is caring. Do it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Belushi's Beloved - 013

This is crystalline Perfection!

Dedicated to a girl named Tim.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Parties: A Weekend Of Choice (Johannesburg)

Two parties on the same night is never a bad thing. Especially if they are pretty close to each other and the one is cheap enough or free so you can pop in at both depending on whose getting you dancing at the time or not.

Fat Chinese Boi along with Team Uncool launch their new party prototype Chop Down The Woods on Saturday at The Woods. The party features a well curated line-up that includes Shuffleshame, Orlando Doom (Cape Town) and Musical Chairs. Girls get in free before 10pm, but otherwise its a mere R20 to get you in. You can trawl through their blog to find mixes from the DJs, which is awesome if you want to get an exact idea of what you can expect.

Aside from that, all the DJs also have some mini-teasers up:

ORLANDO DOOM (baselinestudio/ TigerStrike/ Cape Town) teaser mix (Zshare) (MediaFire)

SHUFFLESHAME teaser mix (Zshare) (MediaFire)

MUSICAL CHAIRS (!DIRTY!DIRTY! residents) teaser mix (Zshare) (MediaFire)

The same though, can not be said for the VICE Magazine launch (a joint party with relatively unknows Noir). First off it does NOT feature New Young Pony Club the band as word of mouth has been relaying, but a DJ set by the keyboardist. This is probably due to a bad choice of typography, that at a quick glance, indeed suggests so to the average punter that doesn't take a closer look at the flyer. Its a bit confusing on there, surely they should have rather stated something like "Lou Hayter (New Young Pony Club) - DJ Set". Shame on you promoters! Are you trying to trick us!? Being quite discerning we also find it rather disconcerting that there are no mixes of hers available to download anywhere online. Is it a case of hype more than skill or taste in selection 'cause she plays in a famous band? If you are paying R100-R120 you might want to check out the rest of the line-up to convince you spending your hard earned cash. Having said that, the latest addition is Yesterday's Pupil, who might be the drawing card, since the others, aside from dear Casioheart, are all new to us. Next Of Kin have no pages up to sample, while Dirty Herz, to be frank, sound even worse than the new Prodigy album with some truly bland production.

***VICE is launching in Cape Town tonight by the way, with a line-up that includes Lou Hayter (New Young Pony Club) supported by Inge Beckmann (Lark), Ashtray Electric, Haezer, Lapse and Ree-Burth (Soweto Rock). Unfortuntaly entry was by registration only and its sold out with capacity reached.***

Then again, we might just end up at our home away from home, Kitchener's, who are hosting an unofficial pre-party to the VICE launch. They are just around the corner from the Alex in Braamfontein (cnr. of Juta and De Beer). At least there's always something new going down there.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Me and my boyfriend are like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

When your boyfriend plays you a remix called "Midnight Fuck", you know what kind of night it is. However, this M83 track has cooked a warm meal and put on a nice dress. Jackson’s work has romanticized the previously raw rhythms, allowing them to lift and fall here with the grace of intention. Regular, minute climaxes gasp into the melody. This is probably how Mary felt when that business with the Holy Spirit was going on.

M83 - Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Discotheque Mix Series 001: Lapse & Belushi

In order to promote The Assembly's "Discothequé" nights, the good people that think of friday beyond saturday and before thursday, had the idea to promote the evenings, it's dj's and it's kaleidoscopic sound through a series of mixes and here is 001 of 999. 
Obviously reaching the milestone of 999 in the mix series is reliant on whether music is not outlawed and banned on February 12th 2012, which was predicted by the ancient Egyptians, the more recent Aztecs, Nostradamus and John Edward McGee.

The mix is a light affair of Pop, Electro, Electro-Pop, Pop-Pop/Electro, and Acid Jazz, mixed by Lapse and Belushi.

To stay in touch with the events of the "Discothequé" join the Facebook Group
or remember to check in occasionally with the news letter

1. 2 Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
2. Lindstrom & Solale - Baby I Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix)
3. The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (Twelves Re-Edit)
4. Classixx – I’ll Get You Feat. Jeppe
5. Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)
6. Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Discodeine Mix)
7. Woolfy - Oh Missy (In Flagranti Xenon mix)
8. Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros (The Shoes Remix)
9. We Have Band Feat. Yulia – Time After Time
10. Dega Breaks - All Night (Tronik Youth Remix)
11. Prince – Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix)
12. The Ashton Shuffle - Stomp Yo Shoes (Shazam Remix)
13. Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)
14. Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby (Radio Edit)
15. Beni - My Love Sees You (DerDieDas Remix)
16. Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)
17. The Glass - I Wanna Be Dancing (Fantastadon Remix)
18. Chelley - Took The Night (Detboi Funki Night Remix)
19. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Sickly Child
20. Cassius - Feeling For You
21. Delphic - Counterpoint (Delphic's En Route Mix)
22. Duchess Says - Black Flag

Friday, July 03, 2009

Parties: Trevor Jackson (Playgroup)(UK) - Live in South Africa

Electroclash and disco heavyweight Trevor Jackson of Playgroup and Output Recordings fame is playing South Africa this weekend!

Press Release:

sSHADOWORKSs & Toy-Toy together with Red Bull Music Academy Presents Trevor Jackson (UK) live in South Africa, 3-4 July '09.

Based in London, Trevor Jackson founded the label Output Recordings in 1996, which introduced the world to such genre defying and inventive bands and acts as LCD Soundsystem, the Rapture, Four Tet and his own project Playgroup which helped create the blueprint for present day electro. Over the ten years that Output was in existence, Trevor helped put out no less than 100 records and the label is considered to be one of the biggest influences and driving forces behind the sound of the modern dancefloor. His DJ mix for the series DJ Kicks, is much like his own approach to making music and remixing: an eclectic mash of sounds that traverse the sonic spectrum. He is also a prolific remixer having started reworking tracks as early as 1991 for the likes of Massive Attack and U2 under the name Underdog. Other than having such a profound influence on present day dance music with his labels output (excuse the pun), his own productions, remixes and DJ sets, Trevor is also an amazing designer, having designed and created the artwork for many of the artists released through Output. His visual art career dates back to the early 90’s with his company, Bite It!, designing record covers for acts such as the Stereo MC’s, the Jungle Brothers and Todd Terry.

Friday night at The Assembly in Cape Town will be supported by Klinikal, Richard The Third, Dogstarr vs Ivan, Sibot, Grave Danger, Remy Gold & White Nite, Thibo Tazz, Soul Revolution & Helmut J. More info on Facebook here.

Saturday night at The Woods in Johannesburg will be supported by 
Desmond & the Tutus & DJs Digital Rockit (Dogstarr, Fabio & G-Force), King of Town and Ivan (Killer Robot); with visulas by Chinxxx & G-Force. More info on Facebook here.

Here is a recent mix featuring Still Going, Throbbing Gristle, Runaway and Juan Maclean amongst others (the Pilooski Edit of Elvis Presley's "Crawfish" is especially cool), courtesy of Eamon Harkin:

Trevor Jackson - Live at Prime Time vs. FIXED (Studio B, February 20th, 2009) (right click save as)

Parties Feature: NONONO!!! (Durban)

Purists in both Jozi and Cape Town can easily start ranting on the current state of their respective scenes...

But what do you do when you are stuck in a place like Durban where there are even less people to entertain with a certain sound, nevermind of an underground variety?

You do it yourself! DIY, an ethos that is at the core of many a thriving scene, undertaken by both the passionate and the frustrated. Having had enough with the state of the underground dance scene in Durban and the absence of venues and lack of DJs playing the latest in more leftfield sounds, NONONO!!! threw their first party back in 2004 and haven't looked back since.

With their freedom chant of "No More Corruption! No More Injustice! No More Shit Music!" NONONO!!! parties showcase a choice selection of DJ's playing cutting-edge sounds spanning everything from minimal to dubstep, electro to indie dance, wonk and bassline and whatever else is creating hype around the world. Simply put, sounds that are simply not heard anywhere else in the Stone City.

Founded and organised by original Evol posse DJ MixinVixin (Abi Case), her husband DJ Hedmekanik (Travis Lyle) and graphic artist & eclecto Leo Janssen (known collectively as the Eclectica Allstars) the parties are "an uncompromisingly hedonistic excuse to get down and dirty to filthy tunes."

The party has been going strength to strength, drawing large crowds of hungry punters to each event over the last 4 years with 13 gigs featuring over 20 of South Africa’s finest champions of underground dance, that have included the likes of The Real Estate Agents and Fletcher.

On tonight's line-up, July 3rd, another stellar ensemble cast has been assembled for your grooving pleasure. The night will feature DJ Lapse, Kliktrak and Eclectica Allstars.

You can find the event on Facebook here and grab some freebies by the 2 headliners to sample below:

Kliktrak - C_U_B_U (right click save as)

Autokratz - Can't Get Enough (Lapse remix)

For more info regarding all things NONONO!!!, you can hit them up on Facebook here.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sex and Violence for All

Ah come on now, we couldn't let it just pass by...

Dizzee Rascal meets Armand van Helden and the lyric "a heavy bass line is my kind of silence". Today, after the Weather Channel ("as an athlete, the weather affects my life..."), I saw this on MTV. Then it ended; I turned onto Trace and it had just begun. I tried VH1 but my luck ran out with 'Pump Up The Jam'. Incidentally, did you know, Trace is the most popular channel amoung South African children aged 7-18? No joke. I read it in the newspaper.

Ok, here we are:

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers from slic on Vimeo.

Belushi's Beloved - 012

Man it's so good to be out of that coma, although I told my mom to only wake me when we get flying cars, but alas she thought a black man in the white house was good enough to stir me from my slumber.

Thanks to everybody for the prayers, support and tuna casseroles.

Here's a little ditty for you.